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About our Practice

Krista Rogers, MSN, CRNA

Owner, Advanced Injector

Before starting Beauty Sleep Aesthetics, Krista Rogers, MSN, CRNA, worked as a nurse for 12 years, and a Nurse Anesthetist for 7 years. Her transition into Medical Aesthetics naturally parallels her skill set while employing the same procedures she has been a consumer of for years.Anesthesia itself is rooted in pharmacology, medication dosing, advanced anatomy, and physiology. Krista has spent years practicing procedural anesthesia and utilizing advanced injecting skills through the placement of spinals and epidural catheters. This base knowledge, combined with her attention to detail gives Krista the specific skill set to be a safe, knowledgeable, and meticulous injector.Krista has always enjoyed building relationships with patients and caring for people, and she is passionate about extending that care into her Medical Aesthetics practice. Her unparalleled practical medical experience and genuine desire to bring joy to her patients is what makes Krista and Beauty Sleep Aesthetics exceptional.